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Laurie Ausmus
Senior Real Estate Loan Originator
(425) 466-7517
NMLS #116156

Laurie Ausmus is a seasoned Loan Originator with Washington First Mortgage. She began her career in the mortgage industry in 1986 as a Loan Closer/Funder. She was quickly promoted to manager of the department and decided she wanted to get into more of the personable side of lending. Then she left that position to become a Loan Processor. Again she was quickly promoted to manager of 5 separate processing departments within her company. It was a fantastic learning experience. As that company closed, she ventured out and started a small mortgage brokerage in Bellevue and became a full-time loan originator while running the company. In 2008 when all the banks were failing, she made a very tough decision to close the company and head into banking. Her heart has always been with mortgage brokering, and the bank did not have a lot of outlets. She is very pleased to be back in the brokering business, she is well rounded, personable and trusted and has an excellent reputation with everyone she has ever worked with.

Her other hobbies include biking, skiing, boating, art, and she is going to be a grandmother soon.

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